Tip Of The Week


Those people who want to help you? Let them! Take advantage of them! Send them a nice gift when you get into the school of your dreams! It always amazes us when candidates take the time to go to MBA Forums, information sessions for particular schools, even go on campus visits………….yet somehow when they talk to students or alumni who tell them "yes, I'd be happy to answer your questions, please contact me!" they rarely do so. When someone says they want to help you out, take them at their word. Trust us, business school students and graduates are NOT shy, and are unlikely to offer you assistance unless they mean it.

These folks are a great source for the type of information you won't find in the brochures and on the websites. Who are the best professors? What clubs might someone with your particular interests want to be involved in? Not only will this help you with your decision-making process once you get into all those schools you applied to, it'll also assist you in getting to that point in the first place by taking your essays to a whole new level, with information tailored to each specific school.


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