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Business school is an expensive and time-consuming proposition, but one that can have immense rewards. MBA students experience a significant increase in salaries post-graduation compared to their pre-MBA earnings; the increase is even more dramatic for those who go to a top-tier business school.

With applications to business schools rising each year, competition is increasingly fierce for admission to the top schools, and the credentials of those applying are ever more impressive. Any candidate who hopes to stand out to the Admissions Committee must present a polished, stellar application in all respects, as well as one that stands out from the crowd.

In distinguishing between candidates, Admissions Committees turn to the essay portion of the application to determine if that prospective student has presented a compelling argument for earning a spot among the ranks of the elite. B-School Essays can elevate you above your peers by helping you craft the best essays possible and maximizing your chances of getting into one of the top schools.

Our Record Of Success

UPDATED for 2016: Over 97% of our clients in the 2015-2016 application season were accepted at one of their top 5 schools.


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