Our record of success  


Our Record Of Success

97% of our former clients were accepted at one of their top five schools.

The schools to which our clients have been accepted include Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, University of Chicago, Kellogg, Fuqua, Darden, Tuck, University of Michigan, and Kenan-Flagler, as well as host of other top business schools.

All of our clients were accepted at one or more of the schools they applied to and chose to matriculate.

While having excellent credentials in other respects, our clients credit their essays with winning over the admissions committees at their respective schools, particularly as they've moved on to roles on their own school's committees and now truly understand the importance of the essay portion of the application.

Those who have used our one-on-one consulting services have expressed their satisfaction in receiving valuable tips during the early part of the application process, while there was still time left to take actions that would make them more attractive candidates. Lesson to be learned: start early!


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