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Even if someone has worked on an Admissions Committee and knows what a school looks for, it doesn't mean that they have a gift for putting that into words. At B-School Essays, the person reviewing your essay will have not only an MBA from a top ten school and experience in Admissions, but a writing background as well. By writing background, we mean that he or she is a published writer; in other words, someone who has made a living getting paid to write prose that is meaningful and
eloquent and stands out. You can rest assured that not only do we understand the admissions process, we also understand what it takes to get you noticed, AND how to best put that into a story that will make your application unique among the thousands of others that it's grouped with. Our criteria in determining who will be reading your essays are intentionally very exacting, as we stake our reputation on the quality of our work.

Our services

We won't try to sell you a lot of services you don't need or want. While it's comforting to think that spending hundreds of dollars on an advisor will solidify your chances of getting into the school of your choice, the fact of the matter is that it won't, and it's not necessary. Unless, of course, you're unable to keep track of the different elements of each application and would like to pay for the privilege of having someone to do that for you. While we will provide consulting services for those who feel they need additional help or advice with the rest of their application, we choose to focus on the essay portion alone, as this is the area most able to swing the committee's decision in your favor. In a sea of applicants with similar backgrounds, the essays that we help you polish will set you apart, guaranteed. Unless you've been working with the nuns of Calcutta for the past ten years, you need to do something that will prevent your application from getting lost amidst many others. And no matter how unique you think your background is, trust us, there are others in the applicant pool with backgrounds that are startlingly similar.

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