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Let's face it. By the time you're applying to business schools, there are only a limited number of things you can do in order to make yourself more marketable. The key is understanding where 80% of your effort should be focused, and it is here where applicants misdirect their energies, needlessly spending thousands of dollars on "advisors" who promise (at exorbitant fees and a required minimum number of hours) to help them craft the "perfect" application.

We don't do that. We will help you hone to perfection the most important part of your application, the one area in which you must excel to have any hope of getting into a top school. Namely, the essay. Many applicants erroneously focus their attentions on the GMAT, for example. As Admissions Committee members, we've interviewed applicants who proudly boast of their GMAT scores in the 700s, assuming that somehow that alone will earn them a spot at a prestigious school. The fact of the matter is that out of the thousands of applications that a school receives each year, an overwhelming percentage of those will have equally impressive GMAT scores. That in and of itself won't do it. And we all know that those who study for the GMAT can markedly improve their scores, so what does it really measure?

Below, we share the inside tips that tell you what you need to know regarding the other parts of your application. Our services, however, focus on the essay portion, because that's where you as an applicant have an opportunity to truly shine. If you're concerned with the overall quality of your application and would like to know what you can do to make yourself a stronger candidate, we do offer one-on-one consulting services where we'll point out any areas of weakness and offer suggestions to help you present an outstanding candidacy. There is no minimum number of hours that we require you to purchase, as most of you just need a "gut-check" from an experienced insider to make sure there are no gaps, inconsistencies, or red flags. And if there's anything you can do to make yourself stand out all the more, we'll suggest that as well.

You only get one chance at getting into a top school, and what school you go to can make a world of difference in terms of post-graduation salary as well as the contacts you'll make and how your credentials are viewed in the business world. B-School Essays can help you achieve your dream of getting into a top school, and you won't be in debt before you even get there.



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