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Tasha Huebner, Founder and President

Tasha Huebner holds several degrees, including an MA from the University of Chicago as well as an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Her experience and expertise in writing reaches back to her undergraduate days, when she helped her peers hone their writing skills by working as a faculty-selected writing tutor at her college's Writing Center.

After polishing her entrepreneurial acumen by working overseas for several years on business development and successfully setting up several joint-ventures in Russia and Ukraine, Ms. Huebner returned to the U.S. to pursue her MBA. She chose to matriculate at Wharton, after receiving admittance to a number of top schools. At Wharton, she gained a spot on the Admissions Committee, where she worked closely with Admissions faculty during her tenure there. After graduating with a double major in Marketing and Strategic Management, she continued to interview countless students who were applying to the school, judging them according to the specific criteria on which top business schools base their admissions decisions.

In addition to her extensive work on the Admissions Committee, Ms. Huebner developed close ties with the Dean, and other faculty members, in her capacity as editor of the Wharton Journal. In this role, she garnered valuable information regarding the type of person Wharton looks for in its student body. In conjunction with her work as editor, Ms. Huebner wrote two weekly columns for the Wharton Journal, as well as numerous other articles ranging from the news-oriented to the whimsical. After holding director-level positions in consulting and a supply-chain management venture, where she was responsible for writing business plans as well as communications and promotional materials, Ms. Huebner became a full-time freelance writer and editor, serving a wide range of clients.

As President of B-School Essays, Ms. Huebner now devotes her time to personally ensuring that every client is satisfied with the caliber of the work provided. Her combination of extensive writing and editing experience, marketing expertise, and first-hand insight into and knowledge of the admissions process is unparalleled among the competition. Please feel free to e-mail Ms. Huebner directly with any questions.



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