B-School Eassys vs. the Competition...  

  Certainly, there are companies out there that offer similar services. In making such a critical decision, why choose B-School Essays?

Business school essays are what we focus on.

Unlike most of the larger outfits, we concentrate our efforts on the business school market, because that's what we know, inside and out. We don't pretend to understand what Admissions Committees for law school or medical school are looking for, but we DO know what the business schools are looking for. And we choose to focus on the essay portion, as therein lies the critical difference between two candidates, one who is accepted to the top school of his choice, and one who isn't. The rest of the elements need to be presented in the best possible light, but if you've ever put together a resume or studied for a standardized test, you know what to do.

We are writers, not just proofreaders or people with Admissions Committee experience.

The foundation of B-School Essays was built on strong writing skills, writing that draws people in and makes them remember what they read long after they're through reading it. Our marketing background also enables us to take your experience and position your accomplishments and background in such a way as to show it to the greatest advantage, in a sparkling, interesting manner. In addition, each essay is reviewed by someone who has not only been through the application process but has also gained acceptance to at least several of the top schools, thereby ensuring that they understand the process from all vantage points. Our competitors who use solely former Admissions Committee members as their reviewers may have people who understand what they're looking for in an essay, but who will be unable to take a raw essay and help craft it into the finely honed work that it needs to be.

We do not use templates or checklists.

You'll never hear us talk about a "formula for success" or "must-haves" for each application or essay, nor will we use a cookie-cutter formula for your essays that an Admissions Committee member can spot a mile away. One odd fact that many in the business won't tell you is one winning application may have very little in common with another. Your application needs to be as different from that of the others who use our services as it is from the general applicant population. Therefore, each essay will be looked at and evaluated on its own merits and we will work with you to develop an essay that captures your own unique footprints. No one will be checking to make sure that you have exactly three amusing anecdotes and two references to your parents in your essay. Each successful candidate is successful in his or her own unique way, and that is what we will help you achieve.

We will not spoon-feed you your essay.

There are some companies that will offer to do everything but hold your hand as you go to submit your completed application. This inevitably backfires, as only the applicant can truly bring out why the pursuit of an MBA is so important at this point in his or her life. Other companies will offer to coach and prod you into writing on a certain topic in a certain way, or will outline for you what form your essay will take. We believe that the basic elements of the essay have to come from you, while our substantive feedback, commentary, suggestions, and revisions will help polish it into a final product. We will not write your essay for you. We know that you can get into the school of your choice on your own merits, and that is what we'll help you do.


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